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Comparison of e E-book Publishing / Selling Services - Anyone Can Publish / Sell E-books!

Everyone can easily publish and sell e-books.

There are many sites that can sell e-books. The selling regulations are different for each site.

So, in this article, I tried to compare e-book publishing and selling services.

Compare the 3 main sites "Amazon (Kindle)", "Google Play" and "iBooks Store".

Royalty rate

There are differences in royalty rates for each site. Only Amazon is confusing.

Site name Royalty rate Notes Reference source
Amazon 35% If the book meets requirements: 70% Amazon Help
Google Play 70% Google Play Help
iBooks Store 70%

In the case of Amazon, if the book meets requirements, the royalty rate will be 70%. The content of the requirement is complicated. → See Amazon help

One of the requirements is "Exclusivity". It is prohibited to sell books on sites other than amazon.

You choose either "Set the royalty rate of Amazon at 70% and sell it on Amazon's market alone" or "Set the royalty rate of Amazon at 35% and sell it in other markets".

After setting it with 70%, you can change it to 35% and sell it on other sites.

Possibility of free sale

Selling "Volume 1" of the series for free is a good promotion. So, I will summarize about possibility of free sale.

Site name Possibility of free sale Notes Reference source
Amazon Temporary Necessary to register in KDP select Amazon Help
Google Play OK Google Play Help
iBooks Store OK iBooks Store Help

In order to sell for free at Amazon it is necessary to register in "KDP select".

"Exclusivity" is necessary to register in KDP select.

However, free sales are temporary. There is a limit in the period during which books can be sold for free.

Maximum data size

The following is a comparison table of the maximum data size of books.

Site name Maximum data size Reference source
Amazon 650MB Amazon Help
Google Play 2GB Google Play Help
iBooks Store 2GB  iBooks Store Help

Minimum selling price

The following is a comparison table of the Minimum selling price.

Site name Minimum selling price Reference source
Amazon 0.99 USD Amazon Help
Google Play 0.01 USD Google Play Help
iBooks Store 0.50 USD

Notes on selling on Amazon

When selling on Amazon, the minimum selling price will be different depending on the data size. It is as follows.

Data size of a book Minimum selling price Reference source
Less than 3MB 0.99USD Amazon Help
Greater than or equal to 3MB and less than 10MB 1.99USD
10MB or greater 2.99USD

By the way, the lowest price when selling at 70% royalty is 2.99USD

Data format

The following is a table summarizing the data formats supported by each site.

Sitee name Data format Reference source
Amazon EPUB, MOBI etc. Amazon Help
Google Play EPUB,PDF Google Play Help
iBooks Store EPUB,IBOOKS

EPUB is common to all sites. I recommend that you make a book in EPUB.

ISBN code

ISBN code is "International Standard Book Number". There is a column for entering the ISBN code when registering e-books.

However, ISBN number is not a mandatory item in any site

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