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Manga "Engineer!" Production Note | Episode 0: Digital manga is undeveloped?

I'd like to make a note of various episodes at the time of making Manga "Engineer!" Coming soon.

This article is what I felt about Manga industry before starting production.

I looked into manga industry after a long absence

I started drawing manga around 9 years old. 16 years old, I posted my work on "Shonen Jump", but I was defeated. Although I continued to draw manga afterwards, I was gradually away from manga.

I did a lot of work. Call centers, Delivery drivers, Insurance sales etc. At one time, suddenly I looked into manga industry after a long absence

Since the Internet has developed, I certainly thought that there would be many digital unique manga that I had never had before, but ...?!

Digital Manga is underdeveloped?

Huh? …black and white manga? ... Is not it a color manga? Even though I am reading with digital devices!

Certainly, the mainstream of manga is still "paper". Digitally readers are now a minority.Therefore, there are many manga which presupposed to print on paper. Therefore, I think that there are many black and white manga.

There is also color digital manga, but there are few expressions unique to digital. For the most part, just put a color on manga made of black and white.

There are a few moving comics. But mostly Just edited manga drawn in analog to move. Therefore, there are few expressions unique to digital. Moreover, most of it is black and white.

Anyway, I think that "Digital manga is underdeveloped" at present.

I want to make manga with many expressions unique to digital

So,  my manga "Engineer!" Aims to make it unique to digital works.

But it was full of things I did not understand. It is difficult to use Photoshop, select a personal computer, and operate a pen tablet .... Or it is still a day of trial and error.

There are various manga posting sites, but where and how can I post?  How can I publish e-books on Kindle, iBooks Store, Google Play, etc.? How can I make money with digital manga? There are also such trial and error.

I would like to post trial and error content. I think that it would be helpful for people who want to make manga in digital.

I hope to write about the contents of my manga the next making, so please have a look.

-Production Note

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