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Manga "Engineer!" Production note: main character Professor "Will" and her assistant "Job"

I introduce about manga "Engineer!" Please check it.

In this article, it is about the main character of this manga "Professor Will" (Professor Wilma Williams) and her assistant "Job".

Link of the manga is here (Japanese).

Model of Professor Will is my father

Professor Will's appearance is as follows.

She is a big engineer, has high technical skill and has a great influence on world engineering technology .... I started from images like the above.

While I was thinking, I noticed that she was my father. The character is a woman, but her character is like my father.

My father is an architect (also known as an engineer in construction). He is solid and tough, but quiet and polite. He is a man who deceives work.

He likes machines. Therefore he buys a new product from various manufacturers and is trying. Of course he is good at operating a machine.

He is fashionable and he looks good on sunglasses.

Professor Will is also such a character.

Maybe Job is myself

Assistant Job's appearance is as follows.

I thought that it needed a character closer to the reader's viewpoint, I made he for the assistant.

I think that such characters usually reflect the character of the author. Perhaps I think Job is the same.

In other words, this manga is a story that I and my father adventure together.

I am Yesman.I am often swayed by friends with action, but I can enjoy it. It is because I can have a fun experience that I do not think I will do if I am alone.

This manga is also a story that job is swayed by Professor Will. However, Job is enjoying that.

Job is such a character.


Link of the manga is here (Japanese).

-Production Note

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