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You Can Post Manga in English to the Japanese Magazine! "Jump's Universal Manga Contest" Corresponding to 8 Languages!

The manga contest corresponding to 8 languages began on Japanese manga magazine "Weekly Shonen JUMP".

"Jump's Universal Manga Contest"

I have researched about this contest. It is summarized below.

Corresponding to 8 languages

I think that all Japanese manga magazines were unable to post comics of foreign languages.

However, "Jump's Universal Manga Contest" corresponds to 8 languages.

The manga that has been selected "Grand Prize" will be posted on the JUMP. I think that manga in foreign languages are translated and posted in Japanese.

Supported languages list

  • Japanese
  • English
  • Korean
  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Russian
  • French
  • Spanish

Form of manga that can be posted

Only black and white

Only manga can be posted in black and white. Because I think that manga that has been selected is posted in a paper magazine.

The frame order is Japanese style (right to left)

The order of the frames needs to be Japanese style reading from the right to the left.

Because I think that manga that has been selected is posted in Japanese magazine.

Collaborating with "Medibang!"

"Medibang!" Is a Japanese website where anyone can post mangas.

This site is corresponding to 9 languages.

"Medibang!" is collaborating with various publishers.

This contest is a collaboration project with "Medibang!" and JUMP.

"Jump PAINT" release anniversary

"Medibang!" provide the manga creation app called "Medibang Paint" for free.

This App collaborated with Jump. It is called "JUMP PAINT".

This contest is "The Official Release of JUMP PAINT Anniversary". In other words, getting many "JUMP PAINT" downloads seems to be the main purpose of this contest.

Function of "JUMP PAINT"

The function of JUMP PAINT is almost same as the "Medibang Paint".

It has the following description. "Pens and tones all come free of charge!!". However, this is the same function as "Medibang Paint".

The difference is as follows.

With teaching materials on how to draw manga

There are teaching materials to learn about how to draw manga.

However, it is not useful content. The reputation of the editorial department of the current JUMP is not good in Japan.

If you want to learn how to draw manga, I think you should choose another teaching materials.

You can train with the JUMP manga

You can train manga skills by using manga of JUMP "Naruto" "Bleach" "Gintama" etc...

For example, you can download a draft manga and draw on it.

I think this is a function to learn the operation of "JUMP PAINT".


The purpose is to have the application downloaded, but it is an interesting contest.

It might be a chance for foreigners who wish to post in Japanese manga magazines.

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