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How to use Twitter for promotion | How to increase followers and not reduce it

I think that many people start using Twitter for my work and the promotion of blogs.

For that, they first need to increase their followers.

So, how can we increase followers? In this article, I summarized the basics.

What is "Follower" ?

"Follower" is an account that will always receive your tweets.

If the number of followers is 100, the content you tweeted will be delivered to that 100 account at once.

So, if you want to promote your work or blog posts, it is better to have a larger number of followers.

How to increase followers

Following lots of accounts

For example, if you want to advertise your own manga, search and follow the account of someone who likes manga or animation.

Then, most people will follow-back. In other words, it will be your follower.

This is the basic, it is also the first thing to do. It would be great if it increased naturally from 0, but it would be impossible unless you were a celebrity.

At first, if you do not follow someone yourself, nothing will start.

Be careful not to follow too much

If you follow too much at once, there is a danger of account suspension.

Let's set it to about 50 follow a day at first.

Try not to reduce followers

Have a high quality tweet

Even if the number of followers increases, it will be in vain if it is unfollowed afterwards.

In order to prevent it, I think that a high quality tweet is important. I think that "quality" is more important than "quantity" of tweets.

I think that the quality tweet is interesting tweet. An interesting tweet is, for example, as follows.

  • Useful as information
  • Can sympathize
  • Laughable
  • Promotion of my work and blog articles (good quality)

Low quality tweets are boring tweets and stinky publicity. For example:

  • Nonsense tweets: ex: "I got up now"
  • Complaints
  • Promotion of miserable business
  • Automatic repeat tweets

Do not over-automate

There are various automatic tools for Twitter. It is like the following.

  • Automatic Tweet: Automatically tweet the configured Tweet contents at the set timing
  • Automatic follow-up: Automatically follow accounts related to set keywords at regular intervals
  • Automatic follow-up: Follow back automatically when you follow

It is useful if we use this well. However, if we do not use this carefully, it will cause the number of followers to decrease. That's especially true of "automatic tweets".

Automation does not have to overdo it.


To summarize the basics of how to increase followers, I think that it is the next two.

  • Increase followers: Follow other accounts
  • Do not reduce followers: make good quality tweets


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