Production Note

Manga "Engineer!" Production Note. Can I make interesting manga with "Engineer" as a subject?

I majored in mechanical engineering at university. Therefore, I thought it was easy for me, I chose the subject "Engineer" with a light idea.

But when I think carefully, I noticed that it would be a boring subject if I did not devise to make it interesting.

I will make a note of ingenuity to make it interesting I thought.

The story of Engineer seems boring

First of all, engineers can only work in one limited field in most cases.

The car engineer knows only the car. Computer engineers only know computers. The rocket engineer knows only the rocket ... and so on.

This is not interesting. I think that it is more interesting to see various machines.

So, "The main character is a former engineer and now she is a professor of engineering department." In other words, it should be a researcher who is researching a wide range of fields.

Then various machines can appear.

The problem that technology is rapidly progressing

Another problem is that technology advances quickly. Even if I investigate the latest technology, the information gets old soon.

As a solution, I decided to use a machine like science fiction.

In this case, the information is difficult to get old. Moreover, it is not necessary to examine actual technology in detail.

By the way, I think that it is rare that researching and developing machines will become the center of the story in SF. I can only remember Arthur C. Clark "The Fountains of Paradise".

That's why the basic concept is "SF-style engineer story".

It is hard to make the world of the future

Since it was supposed to be SF style, there was another problem.

It is very difficult to create a future world where the technology of the SF style has developed, and it is a my weak point.

I am not good at thinking about the design of the future city, it is difficult.

Besides, I have to think about future commercial and politics.

It's so difficult! Of course it is fun to make SF, but I am not good. So, I want to avoid "thinking about the world of the future" ... Is there something a good way to do ...

So I remembered the rule of "Doraemon". Fujiko. F. Fujio who is the author of Doraemon explains afterword of "Eiga Doraemon Mugen-San-Kenshi film comic".

ドラえもんシリーズには一つの約束事があります。どんな大事件が起きても、それはなるべく仲間内で解決し、回りの一般社会に、一切影響を残さないということです。 …From "Eiga Doraemon Mugen-San-Kenshi film comic" (Shougakukan)

In other words, it is a rule that "whatever major incident happens, eventually it will not have any effect on the general society."

I referred this rule.My rule is as follows.

"Great research like SF appeared, but that is only known among experts, it is not popular in the general public".

I am just running away because I am not good, but I think that is also important.

Avoid what I am not good as far as possible. Conversely, actively use what I like. I think that's fine.

With this ... Maybe ... I think it will be an interesting manga! ... I believe and do my best! 

-Production Note

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