Web Manga "Engineer!" by Osamu Shibuya

Episode 001 - Something is missing! (Japanese)

Episode 002 - It's a date invitation! (Japanese)

Episode 003 - "Nice thing" (Japanese)


Requests for various technical research are brought in the laboratory of the "Wilma Williams" professor at the University of Technology. Research on humanoid robots, research on powered suit, research on spacecraft, etc ...

Together with the research, troublesome incidents are brought to the professor.

"Job" who decided to work under the professor. Is he able to do it?

Work Concept

This is an engineer's story in science fiction.

SF and engineering are closely related. However, I think the story with engineering theme is unusual.

Even though the pilot of the robot may become the hero, the engineer who made the robot rarely becomes the hero.

Many unique engineers are planning to appear on this manga.

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