How To Post Manga

I posted my manga on the Web Manga posting site "Manga Box Indies" - How to post and Review

"Manga Box" is an app of manga.

Anyone can post manga to this app. It is a page called "Manga Box Indies".

I will summarize the procedure to post on that page, impressions, how many views were there, and so on.

Link to manga I posted → Engineer! Episode 1 (Manga Box Indies)

How to Post

Creator registration

On the creator registration page of "Manga Box Indies", enter your email address and password. Then click "新規クリエイター登録" (= New Creator Registration.

A mail "マンガボックス:本登録のお願い" (= Manga Box: Request for final registration) will be delivered to the address you entered.

Click on the URL in the mail to complete the registration.

Enter profile photo and user name

When logging in for the first time, the button "プロフィール写真を選択" (= Select profile photo) will be displayed, so click.

Select the image in your computer for your profile.

Enter the "ユーザーネーム" (= user name) and click "設定の完了" (= Complete Setting).

Register a series

Click "シリーズの登録" (= Register series). The items to enter here are as follows.

  • "シリーズのタイトル" = Title of the series
  • Select "横に読む" (=Read Horizontally) or "縦に読む" (=Read vertically)
  • "シリーズの表紙画像" = Cover image of series (Square image, jpg recommended for full color image)
  • Tags
  • Set comment: select "可能にする" (= Enable) or "ブロックする" (= Block)

Click "登録を完了する" (= Finish registration) at the end.

Posting episodes

Click the cover of the series you want to add episodes to.

Click "エピソードの投稿" (= Post the Episode).

First, enter the number of stories.

Next, click "原稿の追加" (= Add pages of manga) and upload the images of manga. The rules on images are as follows.

  • Recommended size: W800 × H1200 [px]
  • Format: jpg, png
  • Only Japanese manga

In most cases, the order of pages will be incorrect, so fix the order.

Choose whether the episode's start is "右からスタート" (=Start from right) or "左からスタート" (= Start from left). When you select "Start from right".When you select "Start from right", it will start with the screen on which both 1 page and 2 page are displayed.

In "公開の設定" (= Publish settings), you select from "先読み設定" (= SAKIYOMI settings), "今すぐ公開" (= Publish now), "今は公開しない" (= Publish later).

I will explain "SAKIYOMI" later.

Characteristics of this site


"SAKIYOMI" is a mechanism that a reader charges to see the continuation of manga.

The reader can do "SAKIYOMI" by watching videos or sharing with SNS without charge.

For example, suppose you set "SAKIYOMI" after episode 2. In this case, if the reader does not do "SAKIYOMI", the reader can not read episode 2 or later.

And according to the number of "SAKIYOMI", it will be profit of the creator.

(For details see the help page of the manga box - Japanese)

"Manga Box Challenge"

"Manga Box Challenge" is similar to serializing manga in "Manga Box". It is like a second member who is not regular.

A manuscript fee will be paid to those who serialize in "Manga Box Challenge".

However, in this case, manga can not be posted to other sites.

"Manga Box Challenge" is automatically selected based on the number of posted pages for 30 days from the first posting and the number of views etc. (For detailed criteria, see the help page of the manga box)

Number of views. Impressions.

Number of views

The number of views per episode is about 2500. Number of comments is 4.

I am glad to receive comments! Motivation goes up!

This number reached in the first week. After that, the number of views is hardly increased.

This can not be directed to your site

This app can not enter URL of your blog or site.

You can hardly expect the inflow to your site.

I think this can be used to advertise your manga and yourself.

-How To Post Manga

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