How To Post Manga

I posted my manga on the Web Manga posting site "Manga Hack" - How to post and Review

I also posted my manga on the manga posting site "Manga Hack"!

This article summarizes how to post and rewiew.

My manga page is here → "Engineer!" on Manga Hack

Account registration

Register from the User Registration Page.

Enter the pen name, e-mail address, and password. Then click "ユーザー登録する"(= Register).

Then, an e-mail with the subject "アカウント登録手続きのご案内" (= Account registration procedure guidance) comes to your e-mail address.

If you click the link of the mail, registration is completed.

Profile setting

Next is the profile setting.

The input items are as follows.

  • プロフィール画像 = Profile image (A square image of 200 px or more)
  • 自己紹介文 = Self introduction(Up to 150 characters)
  • URL
  • Twitter ID
  • カバー画像 = Cover image (W1000px ~ W2000px. within H350px)

"Cover image" is the header image of the profile page. It can also be used as an announcement space.

It is like this when the profile page is complete → Profile page of Osamu Shibuya (Manga Hack)

Register manga

作品管理 = Manga setting

Register basic information of manga.

The input items are as follows

  • タイトル = Title (32 characters or less)
  • 表紙 = Cover(image data of 640 × 640 px)
  • 作品紹介 = Introduction (Synopsis etc.)
  • カテゴリー = Category (Boys Manga · Youth Manga · Girl Manga · 4 Koma Manga · Gag Manga · Other Manga)
  • タグ = Tag (up to 10)

Character introduction

You can post introductions of main characters. The input items are as follows.

  • サムネイル = Thumbnail (character face: 200px or more square image)
  • キャラクター名 = Character name
  • 紹介文 = Introduction (Up to 70 characters)

Posting episodes

Click "話の投稿"(= Post an episode) and add an episode.

You can also upload it by zip. The data name in the zip folder must be sequential number in page order. Example: 001.jpg / 002.jpg / ...

By the way, even if there is only one zero as in "01.jpg / 02.jpg ...", even if it is not a start from 01 like "05.jpg / 06.jpg ...", " It was ok if there was sequential number.

I am happy to comment.

I got a comment from posting on the first day! I am very happy!

I think that it is a site useful for raising motivation.

There is a time lag in the app version

The web version of "Manga Huck" is displayed as soon as you post manga. On the other hand, the application version took a whole day to appear.

The application version is checked to see if it complies with Apple's regulations. Therefore, it may not be displayed immediately.

Mangas that do not conform to Apple's regulations do not seem to be displayed in the application version (from Manga Hack Help)

Update frequency is important

When updated it will be picked up as "new arrival".

Works that are not picked up are hardly read.

So, in order to have lots of reading, it seems better to update frequently.

That is because the period during which pickups are held will be longer.

If you draw 60 pages of manga, we recommend submitting it in 20 pages at a time.

"Matome" page

In Manga Hack, it classifies it according to the contents and features of manga and makes "Matome page" (= Summary page) → Manga Hack matome pages

"Summary" has the effect of preventing your manga from becoming inconspicuous by being buried in a lot of manga.

-How To Post Manga

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