I Registered to "Web Manga 100"! How to Register and How Much Traffic Has Increased

"Web Manga 100" is a site introducing Japanese web comic site. I registered my site on this site.

I summarized the procedure of registration and how much the traffic of my site increased as I registered.

How to register

Preliminary registration

Firstly preliminary register, we ask the operator to confirm and wait for the final registration.

By the way, only Japanese sites can register.

Click "新規登録" (= Registration) at the top right of the top page of "Web Manga 100" and preliminary register.

The following items can be entered by temporary registration.

  • お名前 = Your name (pen name)
  • メールアドレス = E-mail address
  • パスワード = Password
  • ホームページアドレス = URL of your site (URL of your web manga site)
  • タイトルバナーのURL = URL of your banner image (Upload banner image to your site and enter the URL) Corresponding format is "gif" "jpg" "png" . Recommended aspect ratio is "H:W=1:5"
  • ホームページのタイトル = Title of your site (Title of your web manga)
  • ホームページの紹介文 = Introduction of your homepage (introduction of your manga)
  • 登録するカテゴリ = Categories (1 - 6 items)
  • キーワード = Keywords (keywords related to manga contents) Multiple input possible (Separate by comma)
  • 追加して欲しいカテゴリ = Categories I would like to add
  • 管理人へのメッセージ = Message to administrator
  • 相互リンクの有無 (= About mutual link): Select "相互リンクする" (= I will paste the mutual link)
  • 認証キー = Authentication Key: Enter "manga 100"

Finally click "Register" to complete.

Paste a link to "Web Manga 100"

To register, it is necessary to link each other. You need to attach a link to "Web Manga 100" to the site where you are posting manga.

Nonetheless, there is no need to put a link on all of the comic episodes. You can put one link anywhere on the site.

I wrote a notice article saying "I temporarily registered in Web Manga 100", and put a link there. This was fine.

Wait for final registration

We do not receive the completion notification email for the final registration. You need to check yourself "Web Manga 100" and check it.

Let's see if your manga is on top page "NEW" or "新着サイト"(=New arrival site) item.

How much traffic has increased

Only a little increase

Registration, traffic increased only a little.

It is about 30PV increase only for the date of registration.

Manga apps are becoming mainstream, and users of web comic introduction site are decreasing.

A small number of accesses are continuing

3 months after registering, it is about 0 - 3 accesses a day.

Because it is a mechanism to register for each site, I think that the competition of this site is not intense. It is rare for new sites to be registered.

On other introduction sites, manga which episodes are not frequently added will have zero access.

I have not added episodes for 3 months. Still there is little access. I think this is an advantage of this introduction site.


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