How To Post Manga

I posted my manga on the Web Manga posting site "LINE Manga Indies" - How to post and Review

I posted to "LINE Manga Indies"

This article is the note of how to post. I also write a review.

The result I posted is here → LINE Manga Indies "Engineer!" (Japanese)

Login to LINE Manga

Click "ログイン" (= Login) on LINE Manga Home.

You can log in with the mail address and password of LINE you normally use.

If you do not use LINE, you need to create a LINE account.

Creating author information

Next, enter writer information and create a profile.

Click "マイメニュー" (= My Menu) → "作品管理" (=Work Management)→ "作家情報変更" (= Edit Author Information)

The items that can be input are as follows.

  • "プロフィール画像" = Profile image (recommended size: 640 × 640px)
  • "作家名" = Author name
  • "作家の一言" = Author's comment (up to 100 characters)
  • "LINE@アカウント" = LINE@ account (including @)
  • Twitter account (except @)
  • Facebook account
  • "ウェブサイト" = Website (URL of blog etc.)

Please refer to my profile page for reference → LINE Manga Indies "Osamu Shibuya" Profile page.

Posting Manga

Enter works information

Click "マイメニュー" (= My Menu) → "作品管理" (=Work Management)→ "+新しい作品を投稿" (= Post a New Work)

The items that can be input are as follows.

  • "作品タイトル" = Title of Manga
  • "作品紹介" = introduction(100 characters or less)
  • "表紙(横)" = Cover (horizontal) (JPG or PNG, within 500 KB Recommended size: W 348 px, H 220 px)
  • "表紙(横)" = Cover (Vertical) (JPG or PNG, 500 KB or less, recommended size: W 240 px, H 348 px)
  • "ジャンル" = Genre (Action / Fantasy / Romance / Sports / Mystery / Horror / Back Society and Underground / Human Drama / History / Gag / Other)
  • "連載期間" = Serialization period ("連載中" = serializing or "完結" = completed)
  • "読み方向" = Reading direction (vertical reading or horizontal reading)

Post episodes

Next, upload image data of manga episodes.

The input items are as follows.

  • "話名" = Episode title (excluding episode numbers)
  • "話の表紙" = Cover of the episode (JPG or PNG, within 500 KB Recommended size: W 284 px, H 180 px)
  • "作者コメント" = Author's comment (message displayed at the end of the story)
  • Select "片ページはじまり" (= Begin with one page) or "見開きはじまり" (= Begin with 2 page set)
  • "作品本体" = Manga image data (recommended sizes: W800, H1200)

Check the Manga

After posting, I checked my manga on "LINE Manga" application.

I tried checking also on the web version "LINE Manga".

My manga is displayed in the "新作" (= New arrivals)↓

"LINE Manga Indies" home page: My comic is displayed at the beginning of "新作"

"LINE Manga Indies" home page: My comic is displayed at the beginning of "新作"


About 2 days after posting, the PV per day was about 100. I think that it lasted more than other sites.

I think that it is the cause of "新作順" (= New Order).

Even if a new episode of existing manga is added, it does not affect "New Order".

That is, unless a new series of manga is posted, it will not affect "New Order".

Since new series of manga is rarely posted, it is slow that the order of "New Order" goes down.

Even one week after I posted it was displayed in "18th" in "New Order".

Also, if you want posting manga, I think that Saturdays, Sundays and Japanese holidays are good. It became more than double page view when posting on weekday.

-How To Post Manga

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