How To Post Manga

Preparation for posting on manga posting site Part 1 : Adjust image size

About 2 years have passed since I thought "I will make full color digital manga!" ... It was finally completed!

It is best to post full-color cartoons on the web. That's why I would like to post it on the "Manga Posting Site".

First of all, it is necessary to adjust the image size according to each site. The following is a list of recommended image sizes of major sites.

List of recommended image sizes


Site Name Minimum Size[px] Recommended Sizes[px] Maximum Size[px]
Shonen Jump Rookie

Ashitano Young Jump

NA W800 W1200×H2400
Line Manga Indies W400×H600 W800×H1200 W10000×H10000
Manga Box Indies NA NA NA
Manga Hack NA (Over)W690 NA
Nico Nico Seiga NA (Within)W650×H1200 NA
Manga Gotcha NA W760×H1013 W2000
Medibang! W600×H800 NA W1500×H2000
DreamTribe NA W800×H1200 NA

If you want to make it the recommended size, it is almost OK if you set it to 800 × 1200 [px] in width.

Only "Nico Nico Seiga" and "Manga Gotcha" are only OK, it should be smaller.

Incidentally, "Medibang!" Only, there is also an English page.

Image size when making

"Then make it with the recommended size from the beginning!" ... I will not recommend this.

It is hard to draw manga with a width of 800px! I can not draw a fine detail at all.。

Also, if popularity comes out and publication offers come, you will be asked for a high resolution image to print.

You should make it as large as possible in the specifications of your PC.

After adjusting the image size, prepare the front cover, thumbnail, profile picture and so on. I will write that story in a separate article.

-How To Post Manga

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